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Mobile App Privacy Policy

The Flow State Systems mobile application collects a small amount of information from you. This section will tell you exactly what that information is, and exactly what we do with it.

After you download the app, you login for free by providing us your phone number. We use this phone number for two things:

  1. It acts as your ID. So instead of your name, to our tech, you’re just a number. For example, “913-555-5555 logged in and listened to 4 hours of flow state task”. 
  2. We use your phone number to text message you a small series of onboarding texts, starting with a video about how to use the app. These can be stopped at any point by texting back, “stop”. 

As indicated above, we are tracking the amount of minutes each user is listening to each task and song. This is so we know what people like and don’t like. We delete the stuff people aren’t listening to, and produce more of what people are listening to. 

There are no ads. No hidden subscriptions. No selling or sharing of data to third parties.

Our music and brand is copy written to BetaBlox Series Limited Liability Company 2020. You are not permitted to use any of our assets for anything other than for your own personal usage without express written consent.